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Apple Cider Vinegar dosages

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Dosage of Somerset Cider Vinegar for arthritis treatment

Most customers drink two or three dessert spoonsful of Somerset Cider Vinegar in half-glass of warm water with honey to taste. They take the drink twice daily before meals. This seems to be the most common dosage for the treatment of arthritis. Some customers report an immediate improvement but most people say that they have to take cider vinegar for between one or two months before feeling any benefit.

The dosage is the same for using Somerset Cider Vinegar as a general health tonic.

Dosage of natural cider vinegar for horses and ponies

We recommend between 100ml for a big 16+hh horse down to 50ml for ponies per day. It should be added to feed - I like to mix a similar quantity of water. Equines soon seem to love the taste but start with a smaller amount until they are familiar with it. If you don’t want to feed apple cider vinegar add to their water. Dossage is about half-a-cupful per bucket.

Traditional cider vinegar is also good for treating horse swellings and bruises (not open wounds). Soak a bandage in cider vinegar before binding the affected area and wrap with cling film. Cider vinegar can be used neat to treat fly bites (as long as they are not infected) and quickly reduces swelling. It can also be added to water for washing down or for showing. Will bring a shine to the coat and deters flies.

Dossage of cider vinegar for dogs

We recommend one or two teaspoonfuls of cider vinegar are added to a large dog bowl of water three or four times a week. Alternatively, mix two (for medium sized dog) or three (for large dog) teaspoonfuls with similar amount of water and add to feed.



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