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Apple Cider vinegar treats calf scour

Calf Shed  


Somerset Cider Vinegar is proving an effective tool in the treatment of calf scour. David Partridge of Ennerleigh Farm (who farms 1000 acres in the Exe Valley) has been buying Somerset Cider Vinegar for the last few months to treat his calves. His farm is home to around 1,000 cattle and the calf shed is busy all year round.

“There are three men who work in the calf shed and they all agree that we have had far fewer problems since we have been using the cider vinegar,” said Mr Partridge.

“Scour has been much reduced and the calves have been healthier and lest prone to infection all round,” he said.

Traditionally fermented cider vinegars contain pectins from the cider apple skins. Dessert and culinary apples have had many of the pectins bred out of them. The pectins bind to harmful, scour creating bacteria and both are excreted from the calves gut together.

Apple cider vinegar will also balance the pH of the animal’s stomach, creating a less favourable environment for bacteria to live in the first place.

The potassium in cider vinegar also helps the animal to digest nutrition from its feed, particularly calcium, phosphorus and copper. Potassium is also important in a cow’s ability to deal with mastitis.

David Partridge adds between 15/20ml cider vinegar per calf to their milk each day. Bulk orders are available from Somerset Cider Vinegar.


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