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Ash Dieback reaches mature trees in Somerset

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Ash dieback disease – which threatens 80 million UK Ash trees – has been found on mature trees in Somerset for the first time.

Ash dieback is a fungal disease (which doesn’t affect cider apple trees) that will inevitably have a devastating effect on UK wildlife.

90% of Ash trees in Denmark have been attacked by the disease and the vast majority have died. The symptoms of Ash Dieback are wilting, brown leaf tips and lesions on shoots and branches.

Many species of British fauna are dependent upon Ash for their survival and the trees are a major part of UK woodland cover.

The disease seems to affect newly planted trees first and then spreads to mature specimens. Young trees near Nether Stowey were found with Ash Dieback last year but mature trees near Minehead were found to be affected last month.

There is hope that some affected mature trees are surviving attacks from the disease, which in turn fosters hope that it may be possible to develop trees with greater resistance.

Much more work needs to be done and government needs to spend much more than the pittance that has already been donated to research.



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