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Frontline flea treatments have stopped working ...



My vet told me today that more and more of his customers are reporting that Frontline flea treatments no longer work as they used to. Frontline have built up a huge business over the last twenty years selling flea and tick treatments for dogs and cats. Indeed, their brand name has become ubiquitous in this market and Frontline has done a great job protecting pets and their owners from the nasty blood sucking parasites. But in exactly the same way that rats and cockroaches became immune to bate it seems that cat and dog fleas have built up a resistance to Frontline - in many parts of the world at least.

Vets themselves have to shoulder some responsibility for this because up until a few years ago they dispensed animal treatments at exorbitant prices and this led to the advent of online ‘discount (normal price)’ shops. Pet owners have got used to just placing their order for Frontline without monitoring the effectiveness of the product and no longer bothering to consult their vet.

Frontline are currently spending millions on TV campaigns attesting to the continuing effectiveness of their product. I have used it for years myself for many years and it has done a great job but no longer. The last three months have been a hell both for me and my continually scratching cocker spaniel. My spaniel divides her time between a livery stable, farm yard and the Somerset moorland. Frontline always kept her flea-proof even in these demanding environments. But the last three applications have been totally ineffective. I consulted my vet, took a different product and equilibrium has returned …




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