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Is it time to burst Somerset's solar bubble?

Somerset Cider Vinegar solar farm  


Government has announced plans to halt the explosion of solar farms we have seen across the Somerset moors in the last two years.

Britain’s need for renewable energy sources is incontrovertible but has the Department of Energy & Climate Change (Decc) managed solar development responsibly?

They have announced plans to cut the guaranteed price (Feed in Tariff) for electricity from large solar arrays from next April.

Currently, land owners who accept the solar panels are guaranteed around £1,000 per acre per annum for the next 25 years: that is nearly ten times the rentable value of agricultural land on the moors.

The companies financing the building of solar farms are expecting to recoup their outlay inside three years and triple their investment after ten (depending on when they made their investment).

Great business for the individuals involved but who is paying for all this? You are - the ordinary British power consumer.

What we need is solar investment which develops the next generation of solar panels. The current units will be obsolete many years before the 25 year termination of the tariffs guaranteed to the present solar arrays.



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Somerset Cider Vinegar solar array  
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