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Local worms for the Levels
says Somerset Cider Vinegar



Agronomists advising farmers on the Somerset Levels are recommending importing millions of earthworms to return flooded land to good heart.

Huge numbers of Earthworms, trapped in land that was under water for extended periods of time, died from suffocation last winter because the earth was denied oxygen.

One of the country’s suppliers of leading worms has estimated that 24,000 worms – at a cost of £2,000 – will be needed to resuscitate each acre!

A few years ago, Somerset council distributed 100s of 1000s of plastic compost bins to households throughout the County. As the compost from these bins is now on (or currently being applied) gardens and allotments the last couple of inches of earth underneath them will be packed full of earthworms. Somerset Cider Vinegar says ‘let’s start collecting them’.

Also, if families started composting but lost interest in the project the organic matter left in their bin should be full of worms.

Interested farmers should leave containers and notices at farm gates requesting that the public deposit these rich ‘resources’ in them. Will help from social media we could all make a difference.


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