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Somerset Levels businesses have a
vested interest in renewables



All businesses based on the Somerset levels and moors should have a vested interest in renewable energy writes Neil Champken of Somerset Cider Vinegar. Climate change, rising sea levels and increased flooding will all eat into lowland Somerset over the next couple of decades unless CO2 release is controlled.

The Bristol Channel is undoubtedly a massive ‘green’ power resource but the never ending shenanigans surrounding Hafren Power’s barrage proposal have effectively stopped the development of other, safer technologies.

There are problems with depth in the Channel – especially on spring lows – but a smaller version of the array of tidal turbines recently given the go-ahead in the Pentland Firth has to be a possibility. There are also the old plans for tidal lagoons that run turbines at low-water that are being ignored. The Channel would also have to be a strong contender for a Scandinavian style salinated/freshwater electricity plant.

All these technologies are not as invasive to the environment as the barrage but at the moment all projects are on hold in the hope that one day a bunch of businessmen will convince enough government ministers over the number of billions they require to build the barrage.



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