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Somerset's flood defences inspected by Agency

Inspection of Englands flood defences  


The Environment Agency has conducted the first ever survey of flood defences in Somerset and the rest of England following the winter storms.

The Agency say that they survey all defences following any floods but this is the first time they have reviewed the whole country.

It has taken agency staff (with help from 200 members of the armed services) six weeks to survey more than 150,000 sites.

The coalition Government, which announced the axing of 1,500 jobs (including flood-protection posts) in December, says that they will spend an extra £270 million on fixing and maintaining flood defences over the next two years.

To demonstrate the effects of this winter’s weather Pete Fox, director of strategy and investment at the Environment Agency said, “We closed the Thames Barrier 50 times between December and the middle of March. That is a quarter of all the times the barrier has been closed since it came into operation in 1983. That gives you a sense of how unprecedented the winter was.”



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