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Spending on Somerset's flood defences cut
by 30% over last four years

Bridgwater low tide  


A Freedom of Information request has exposed the extent to which government’s spending on flood defences in Somerset had been cut in the lead up last winter’s disastrous floods.

Spending for flood defences for Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and parts of Wiltshire fell from £45 million in 2010/11 to £32 million for 2013/14 as part of the government’s austerity cuts.

This is obviously a PR hot potato for government and David Cameron has said that “Money is no object” when helping those affected by flooding last winter.

The government has since announced that an extra £270m would be made available nationwide to help clear up the aftermath of last winter’s floods. How much of that could have been saved if the budget had been protected, especially following the warning given by the floods of the previous year?

The Freedom of Information request which uncovered the spending cut came from the BBC. Pictured are Bridgwater docks at high and low tide this winter. No one I have spoken to can remember ever seeing water levels this high.

Bridgwater high tide  


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