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Tesco wrong to blame public for food waste

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It is totally wrong for the huge supermarkets to try and lay the blame for food waste at the door of the general public. Ask any desert apple grower and they will tell you that supermarkets refuse any slightly misshapen or what they regard as undersize fruit.

Speaking to the House of Lords' European Union sub-committee on agriculture this week Matt Simister (Head of Global Food Sourcing at Tesco) said that British shoppers would pick through produce and only select the ‘cream of the crop’.

The point is that if that is all supermarkets are willing to display, what does he expect?

Simister went on to say that grade one produce was brought to UK markets and lower grade crops went on sale in Tescos eastern European operations. At far lower profit margins no doubt.

Supermarkets can and should lead the way over the whole food waste issue. If slightly misshapen and smaller apples are displayed and the customer gets used to them they will buy them. It is simply a matter of getting the price right.

The rejected supermarket dessert apples are used to make bad, low quality, industrial cider vinegar.



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