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Wasailing the cider apple trees at
West Croft Farm!

Somerset Cider Vinegar Wassail  


Re-live the ancient West Country custom of Wassailing apple trees at West Croft Farm, Brent Knoll, Somerset on 17th January 2015, 7pm till late.

Wassailing involves chanting incantations and (copiously) drinking the health of apple trees in the hope of being rewarded with a fruitful harvest the following autumn.

Wassailing dates back to the Middle Ages and part of the ritual is to make as much noise as possible in the orchards to scare off demons and awaken the ‘spirits of the apple trees’.

Many of the trees at West Croft Farm were planted shortly after the First World War and they maintain the Victorian ritual of firing shotguns over the orchards to awaken the spirits.

Wassailing (Was hál in Ancient British, literally translated as 'be you healthy') was THE bohemian night out of the year in Victorian Somerset and the 17th December at West Croft Farm promises to rival its forebears!

The Wassailing of the trees shall be followed by live music from four bands including the magnificent cider soaked Americana of the Dry White Bones.

There will also be appearances from the Langport Mummers and the famous West Croft Belly Dancers and many ‘unscheduled’ entertainments!

There will be a plethora of traditional foods and cider based drinks available.


Dry White Bones

To buy or reserve tickets at £10 per person please ring John on

01278 760762
or visit:
West Croft Farm
166 Brent Street
Brent Knoll

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