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Wedmore: local power for local people

Solar farm  


The village of Wedmore – well within the local environs of Somerset Cider Vinegar – cut the ribbons on a £1.1 million, locally funded solar power plant this weekend.

Presumably worried that the £50 billion plant down the road at Hinkley Point won’t be ready on time the residents have sold shares in their local scheme that is capable of powering 200 local kettles at one time as well as selling to the National Grid.

Wedmore having many of the most expensive properties in Somerset within the parish boundary and being an ever popular retirement venue undoubtedly made raising the cash easier but villagers have been able to buy shares in the Wedmore Community Power Co-operative for as little as 250.

Sheep will graze beneath the 4,000 solar panels; the hedgerows of native species will both screen the two paddocks being used and add environmental diversity to the scheme. Local labour has been used wherever possible and local workers have been invited to buy cheap shares in the project.

Wedmore was one of the first places in Somerset to be lit by electricity. In 1908 the Wedmore Electric Light and Power Company generated power 16 years before the nearby city of Wells.



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