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What chance another Somerset tsunami?

Somerset Flood  


On a bright and sunny day in January 1607 an 18ft wall of water burst onto the Somerset coast swamped ground as far inland as Glastonbury Tor (14 miles from the coast).

Since the early years of this millennium, geoscientists have thought that the tsunami was caused by an earthquake (and possibly an associated earth slip on the seabed) out in the Irish Sea.

The tsunami was funnelled up the Bristol Channel (in the same way that the Severn Bore is) and drowned 2000 people in Somerset, North Devon and South Wales. In Wales large boulders - that could only have been moved by tsunami sized waves - are still to be found stacked up like dominoes above the high tide limit.

Such an event could never happen again? Probably not but there was an earthquake (4.1 magnitude) under the Bristol Channel this February.

Welsh scientists are keen to install an early warning system to warn of tsunami in the Irish Sea but the government don’t want to pay.




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