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Somerset Cider Vinegar (older) blogs

Cider Vinegar and veg  

07/03/15 - Eating more fresh vegetables can cut your risk of dying from all causes by 42%

New research indicates that eating five or more portions of uncooked veg every day can cut your chance of dying from all causes by a massive 42%. READ MORE.


Emmy picture

19/02/15 - How do you detect arthritis in your dog

Changes of behaviour in your dog can be the key indicators in diagnosing if your dog is suffering from arthritis pain. READ MORE.

Cider Vinegar Competion  

01/02/15 - Win five litres of Somerset Cider Vinegar

Tell us how much you know about traditional cider apple varieties and win five litres of Somerset Cider Vinegar. READ MORE.



09/01/15 - Apple Cider Vinegar needs to be made from 100% cider apple juice

There is no real legislation that controls the amount or quality of fruit used to make cider vinegars. READ MORE.


Wassail picture  

31/12/14 - Visit the traditional Wassail at West Croft Farm, Brent Knoll, Somerset

Help to keep alive the ancient tradition of Wassailing apple trees at West Croft Farm, 17th January READ MORE.

Flood on Moor

09/12/14 - Will the governments promise of £2.3bn investment in flood defences ever actually happen?

Government pledges of £2.3bn for flood defences include £600 million from private business. Will it ever happen? READ MORE.


28/11/14 - Royal Society scientists reopen the 'dredge the Levels' debate

Scientists from the Royal Society say that local emotion caused politicians to override sound science when deciding to dredge the Levels. READ MORE.

Overhead cables  

20/11/14 - Somerset Levels have not been included in National Grids plans to bury power cables

The Somerset Levels have not been included in plans by the National Grid to bury or re-route pylons in areas of natural beauty. READ MORE.

Bumper apple harvest

09/11/14 - Somerset enjoys bumped cider apple harvest

Mild temperatures during the spring and a clement autumn have both contributed to a bumber crop of cider apples for some Somerset growers. See out latest video. READ MORE.


Maize field cut  

30/10/14 - Maize crop contributes to flooding in Somerset

Maize crops in the River Parrett catchment are contributing towards Somerset flooding according to researchers. READ MORE.


1890 apple varitey

19/10/14 - James Grieve: an apple with a bad press!

James Grieve is a often overlooked variety that produces great fruit with virtually no problems! Shouldn't you think again? READ MORE.

Rural road deaths

10/10/14 - Most of Britain's fatal traffic accidents occur on rural roads

Eleven times as many people died on Britain's country roads as on our motorways. Hidden bends, high speeds and animals are cited as the major problems. READ MORE.


Kingston Blacks  

03/10/14 - Johnny Appleseed and the American cider revolution

'Hard' cider and Apple Jack were the drinks of the pioneering West but the temperance movements grubbing of orchards has left modern US cidermakers unable to keep up with demand. READ MORE.

Calf shed

13/09/14 - Apple Cider Vinegar treats calf scour

Farmers's are finding that Somerset Cider Vinegar is an effective tool in the treatment of calf scour. READ MORE.



31/08/14 - Cider vinegar treats Mycoplasma in poultry

Traditional cider vinegar can improve the immune system of chickens and protect against Mycoplasma. READ MORE.

cider vinegar picture
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