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Somerset Cider Vinegar (Older) blogs


07/12/13 - Government changes to renewable power subsidies threaten ‘community’ projects

The government announced changes to subsidies for renewable energy (called Feed in Tariffs) this week that will effectively put an end to ‘community’ power projects like the solar farm that opened in Wedmore, Somerset last month.

The government wants to spend more on off-shore wind farms and less on on-shore wind and solar sites. Off-shore wind is the most expensive renewable power source and investment will only be open to the huge power companies. READ MORE.


25/11/13 - Erasmus Darwin: the 'forgotten hero' of evolution by natural selection theory

Earlier this month, Alfred Russel Wallace was celebrated as the ‘forgotten hero’ of the creation of evolution theory. Wallace and Charles Darwin worked separately but jointly published the theory of evolution by natural selection in a paper in August 1858.

I think we should give some thought to the contribution to the evolution theory made by Darwin’s grandfather, Erasmus. READ MORE.

03/11/13 - Wedmore: local power for local people

The village of Wedmore – well within the local environs of Somerset Cider Vinegar – cut the ribbons on its own £1.1 million, locally funded solar power plant this weekend. READ MORE.


21/09/13 - Apple Cider Vinegar dosages

Some dosage guidelines for using Somerset Cider Vinegar. READ MORE.


12/09/13 - Apple trees need bees!

So why is our government insisting on rejecting the science behind the ban on neonicotinoids insecticides? The answer is the massive power of the agri-business lobby in both houses of parliament. READ MORE.


02/09/13 - Save the Cox’s Orange Pippin!

The Cox’s Orange Pippin is as British as roast beef and ever since it was first grown in Buckinghamshire in 1825 it was an instant hit on these islands. But sadly it seems that its days of ‘apple supremacy’ are at an end. Growers say that the younger generation want bigger, softer, sweeter apples – to me that just sounds like a long winded way of saying blander apples. READ MORE.


24/08/2013 - Cider history in Somerset

We all know that cider making has been a part of history of Somerset and the south west part of the Midlands for centuries. Roman and Norman invaders added to the reservoir of fruit stock and a labours wages (or part of them) were paid in cider in these areas until the Truck Act of 1887. READ MORE.

17/08/2013 - Big growth in number of cider apple orchards

For the first time since the 60’s more cider apple orchards are being planted in Britain than are being grubbed up. New figures, published by the National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) this week demonstrate that the number of cider producers has more than doubled over the last decade (from 200 to 480 producers nationwide). READ MORE.


06/08/2013 - Fireblight warning from Somerset Cider Vinegar

Somerset apple growers (both domestic and commercial) were warned today to check young trees for signs of Fireblight by Neil Champken owner of Somerset Cider Vinegar.

Fireblight kills branches and leaders – some already carrying fruit – on young trees and leaves them looking diseased and brown. The damage is reminiscent of severe burning hence the diseases name. The recent unseasonably hot weather followed by thunderstorms and heavy rain (high humidity) have created ideal conditions for Fireblight to spread. READ MORE


06/08/2013 - Rain saves crop at Somerset Cider Vinegar

The June apple drop continued right through July at Somerset Cider Vinegar but this month’s rain could go a long way towards saving the apple crop.

The unprecedented temperatures the totally unseasonable absence of rain in July resulted in applets continuing to fall from our trees in the orchards at Brent Knoll, Somerset. READ MORE


27/07/2013 - Frontline flea treatments for dogs have stopped working

My vet told me today that more and more of his customers are reporting that Frontline flea treatments no longer work as they used to. Frontline have built up a huge business over the last twenty years selling flea and tick treatments for dogs and cats. Indeed, their brand name has become ubiquitous in this market and Frontline has done a great job protecting pets and their owners from the nasty blood sucking parasites. But in exactly the same way that rats and cockroaches became immune to bate it seems that cat and dog fleas have built up a resistance to Frontline - in many parts of the world at least. READ MORE


22/07/2013 - Cider Vinegar cures Acid Reflux disease

Taking Somerset Cider Vinegar daily is an effective and natural cure for acid reflux disease.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or acid reflux disease is characterised by the horrible sensation stomach acid rising to the throat and oesophagus, often shortly after eating. READ MORE


14/7/2013 - Musician conquers osteoarthritis with Somerset Cider Vinegar

Kev Allcock is a semi-professional musician who had to give up playing guitar seven years ago because his osteoarthritis had such a debilitating effect on the movement in his fingers. After putting himself on the Somerset Cider Vinegar cure he reports that he is now playing better than he ever before! Read what Kev Allcock has to say


1/7/2013 - Ribstock 2013

Huge congratulations must go to BBQWhiskyBeer (based at the Wargrave Arms, Marylebone, London) who where named the ‘Great British Rib Champions’ at Ribstock 2013 on Saturday 22nd June.. READ MORE


26/6/2013 - Beetroot in Cider Vinegar recipe

Everyone cooks their homegrown beetroots but discards the leaves. Here is a recipe for preparing the foliage from beetroot plants. It typically uses just the leaves but the beetroot stalks can be added as well if they are not too old. Curry aficionados may want to add fresh ginger and their favourite spices to make a spectacular bhaji dish. READ MORE


Can fungi help grow better cider apples? 14/6/13

Duncan Cameron of the University of Sheffield explains the symbiotic relationship between cider apple trees and fungil. READ MORE

Morgan Sweet rules OK - 25/5/2013

Morgan Sweet is an old Somerset apple variety that has been used in cider making within the county since at least the mid-eighteenth century. READ MORE


Carling’s ‘British Cider’ joke - 18/5/2013

So those famous cider-makers at Molson Coors have started producing a ‘British Cider’. I can’t decide which is more disingenuous; that they call it British or that they call it cider. READ MORE.

What’s killing the Bees? - 06/06/13

Everybody I’ve spoken to supports the EU ban on neonicotinoids and it has to be hoped that the two year period is long enough for the scientists to seriously study the effects of the chemical. READ MORE

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