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New sluices and wider rivers for Somerset Levels?

Swamped level  


At last the water is receding from the Somerset Levels and Moors. In the space of seven days water on the SSSI’s in central Somerset dropped by well over a metre (see the before and after pictures – the ‘off the scale’ height had been constant since Christmas).

It needed a spell of dry weather before the sluices on the Huntspill and Brue could actually start to reduce the water level on the moor. Because the Somerset Levels and Moors are essentially a basin that fills up in the winter the rivers MUST to be capable of removing the water.

It is obvious that we need up-graded sluices that can be opened completely on low tides and closed again regardless of the height of the water in the rivers. There must also be a case for making the rivers wider.

It was heart warming to read that the Environment Minister Owen Patterson is actually a climate-change denier. He said: "People get very emotional about this subject and I think we should just accept that the climate has been changing for centuries." (The 12 warmest years have all come in the last 15 years and Somerset has just experienced its wettest winter in over 100 years).



March level  
Westhay flood  
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