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Apple Cider Vinegar foot soak

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Apple Cider Vinegar is an old cure for all sorts of foot problems. Soaking your feet in a dilution of ACV can be helpful in dealing with athlete’s foot, foot odour, cracked and dry skin and all sorts of fungus problems.

Just as the acidity of cider vinegar can naturally cure other skin problems, by restoring the acidic mantel to the surface of your feet allows your body to heal itself. The acetic acid in cider vinegar is also a mild exfoliate and will soften hard skin and slowly remove calluses.

I have had a strange callus on one of my feet that has been there for several years. The local GP’s are stumped by what it is and how to make it go away. They think it the remnant of some injury but I have no memory of one. They have tried several creams, including steroid, but to no avail. Sometimes it goes very dry and can be a major irritant. I tried the cider vinegar soak treatment and hey presto! No more irritation!

I used about half a pint of Somerset Cider Vinegar in about four pints of warm water.


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