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Apple Cider Vinegar for horses

Equine cider vinegar  


Traditionally made Cider Vinegar has been used treat the immune and digestive systems of horses for centuries. Make sure that the vinegar you buy has been produced from 100% cider apple juice. Cider apple varieties have more powerful antioxidants than dessert or culinary apples. The cider apple’s nutritional components are maintained by traditional fermentation and the resultant Apple Cider Vinegar will include many beneficial compounds like vitamins, mineral salts, and amino acids.

Somerset Cider Vinegar is not filtered or pasteurised and contains Acetobacter aceti (commonly known as mother-of-vinegar) in wispy, gelatinous particles which are a great live microbial source.

The benefits of cider vinegar for horses noted by our customers include promoting healthy joints; balancing the horse’s pH; boosting immune system health; improving urinary tract health; stimulating proper digestion and mineral absorption (helpful for older horses) and helping horses to resist internal and external parasites. Somerset Cider Vinegar supplies several racehorse stables around the country that mix the vinegar with high protein feeds because horses love the taste of cider apples!



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