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Apple Cider Vinegar must be made from
pure cider apple juice

Kingston Black apples  


Molson Coors ‘Carling British Cider’ has once again been in the news with questions being asked about the origin and variety of the apple juice concentrate used in its manufacture.

Any product in the UK made from 35% or more of apple concentrate can call itself ‘cider’ regardless of what variety of apple was used or where it was grown: the other 65% being sugar syrup.

There is no real legislation that controls the amount or quality of fruit used to make cider vinegars. Most UK apple concentrate is imported from China, Poland and Germany where cider apple varieties are pretty much unknown.

We know that cider apple varieties contain higher levels of antioxidants and tannins than culinary or dessert varieties. At Somerset Cider Vinegar we believe that cider vinegar for health treatments should only be made from 100% cider apple fruit.


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