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Big growth in number of cider apple orchards



For the first time since the 60’s more cider apple orchards are being planted in Britain than are being grubbed up. New figures, published by the National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) this week demonstrate that the number of cider producers has more than doubled over the last decade (from 200 to 480 producers nationwide).

This season, Britain’s cider apple growers will harvest apples from an area larger than 30,000 football pitches (17,000 acres). Ten years ago, only 110,000 tonnes of British grown apples were milled by the cider industry. This season that figure will more than double to over 250,000 tonnes.

According to the NACM the cider industry is now worth more than £3 billion per annum and accounts for 9% of the alcohol consumed in the UK. Something like 7,500 rural inhabitants earn at least part of their livelihoods from cider making.



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