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Carling's 'British Cider' joke!



So those famous cider-makers at Molson Coors have started producing a ‘British Cider’. I can’t decide which is more disingenuous; that they call it British or that they call it cider.

The none-existent ‘orchard management’ department at Molson Coors have been asked to state what percentage of the drink is derived from British cider apples. They have been unable to come up with an answer but they will not deny that it is less than 10%. The rest is imported concentrate (from China - where all the good cider apples come from), artificial apple flavours and sugar syrup. What a mess.

If that’s what people what to drink, fair enough, but should it be called cider? To me cider should me made from the juice of apples that have been specifically grown for that purpose with nothing else added. I’m sure that the marketing department at Molson Coors have the resources to create an imaginative name for it but they shouldn’t be allowed to sell it as cider.




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