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Cider Vinegar based Barbecue Sauces

Barbecued pork  


The Barbecue season is most definitely upon us and the secret to all good barbecue sauces is the quality of the cider vinegar they are based upon.

In American, North Carolina Cider Vinegar Sauce is considered to be the mother of all barbeque sauces and it can be traced back several centuries.

North Carolina sauce used no tomato but combines cider vinegar with cayenne, black pepper, crushed peppers, crushed chilli and salt. The meat of choice is pork and the vinegar wash is constantly applied to the meat as it cooks over the coals.

The tradition of adding spices to meat that is slowly cooked over charcoal was originally borrowed from the indigenous people of the Caribbean, the Arawak. Their banquets were called babacots, which became barbacoa after the Spanish invasions and finally barbecue in English.

The arrival of Heinz Ketchup and Worcestershire Sauce in the mid-nineteenth century changed many of America’s traditional sauces but most regions of the USA claim allegiance to one recipe or another.

In Britain the original ‘Great British Rib Champions’ were BBQWhiskyBeer. Their Mesquite-smoked Black Angus beef rib with Texas rub & BBQ Whisky Beer sauce was named at the Ribstock 2013 Barbecue Festival. Their secret being that all their meat is marinated for several days in Somerset Cider Vinegar!



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