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Cider Vinegar for cholesterol

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Recent studies have proven that drinking small amounts of cider vinegar twice a day significantly reduces Cholesterol in an individual’s blood stream.

What is perhaps less well known is that drinking cider vinegar daily has a huge effect on the level of an individual’s Triglycerides. Triglycerides are a particularly harmful type of blood fat that doctors are keen to control.

Collin Winder - a Somerset Cider Vinegar customer – has recently written to tell us that he was told by his doctors that he should be suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. Since taking his cider vinegar his Cholesterol level has fallen from 10.8 to 8.5 (which is a drop of 21.2%) and his Triglyceride level has fallen from 14.1 to 4.2 (which is a whopping 70.2% reduction).

Colin’s Blood Pressure has dropped to a normal level and he is no longer in danger from Diabetes.

These are very significant drops in Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels and are far more significant that those achieved by the little bottles of yogurt drinks that are marketed in super markets!



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