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Cure hay fever naturally with apple cider vinegar

Horse cider vinegar  


A customer wrote to Somerset Cider Vinegar recently extolling the virtues of cider vinegar in combating the effects of hay fever with traditional apple cider vinegar.

They told me that two dessert spoonfuls of cider vinegar and a teaspoonful of natural honey both dissolved in half a glass of warm water, taken morning and evening, did the trick.

My daughter Sarah suffers from hay fever – even in the winter when stuffing hay nets for the horses – and so she was the ideal guinea pig! A couple of weeks on her symptoms have disappeared and she no longer has an excuse to make me work around the stable!

The beauty of the cider vinegar and honey cure is that there are no side effects as there are with anti-histamines and other drugs. Hay fever sufferers should give it a try!



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