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Hidden sugar in fizzy ciders

Sugar added to drinks  


One pint of some of the fizzy, processed ciders that are replacing traditional ciders on Somerset bar tops contain more sugar than the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommended daily limit.

Fizzy, keg ciders are made from as little as 35% apple juice (not necessarily cider apple juice and processed from imported apple concentrate) - the rest of the drink being sugar, water and sweeteners.

The WHO is recommending that no more than 5% of an individual’s daily calorific intake should be derived from added sugar. This limit applies to all sugar added to food and drink but not sugars naturally present in milk, fruit and vegetables.

5% of an individual’s calorific intake equates to about six level teaspoonfuls per day. Some of the processed ciders have been found to contain as much as 20.5g of added sugar (5+ spoonfuls).

The alcoholic drinks registering the lowest added sugar content where traditional Somerset dry ciders, whiskey and red wine.



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