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Identifying arthritis in your dog

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Arthritis pain is common in all middle aged and older pets, but particularly dogs. We know that Apple Cider Vinegar can be useful in helping to alleviate pain for many animals but how do we identify arthritis in our dogs?

Stiffness or limping are the first indicators of arthritis and will often be most readily apparent when your dog wakes up. Not all arthritis sufferers demonstrate stiffness in the early stages and you should keep an eye open for any changes in behaviour.

Changes in your dog’s behaviour

If your pet starts to show reticence in specific activities that he or she previously completed with alacrity, you should consider the possibility of arthritis. Jumping into cars or running down stairs are often good examples.

Your dog may spend more time asleep if it is suffering from arthritis pain. Obviously, dogs will tend to sleep more as they get older but watch for any reluctance to exercise.

Dogs in pain or irritation will often persistently lick and sometimes bite the area that is causing them the discomfort. This could flag-up arthritis but is a useful indicator of other conditions as well.

A discussion with your vet will help you to plan your best route to manage your dog’s arthritis.


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