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James Grieve: An apple with a bad press!

Apple James Grieve  


The James Grieve is a massively underrated dessert apple. The fruit varies from sharp and acidic to rich and mellow depending when you pick it. And the variety grows well in unsheltered, relatively cool conditions and is resistant to virtually all of the apples growers many problems.

Bred by one James Grieve in Edinburgh around 1890 from pollination of a Pott’s Seedling or a Cox’s Orange Pippin the variety is often dismissed by modern gardeners as boring.

Kept on the tree until this time of year (late October) the fruit has a depth of flavour that can only be rivalled by the Orange Pippin (but without the problems). You won’t find anything like it from the modern mass produced varieties and you will have to grow it yourself because no commercial growers will touch it.

The James Grieve was grown commercially throughout Europe between the wars but required careful packing with straw which is, of course, anathema to modern retailers and particularly supermarkets.


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