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Miranda Kerr is the latest celebrity to use
apple cider vinegar

Miranda Kerr  


Australian model Miranda Kerr is the latest ‘A’ list celebrity to acknowledge that she uses cider vinegar as part of her healthy living regimen.

It has just become fashionable to promote naturally fermented fruit vinegars in drinks in smart London restaurants.

The owner of the Raw Duck in Hackney said that ‘ferments’ were ‘deliciously cleansing and help aid digestion’.

Talking to the Metro, Rory McCoy went on to say that, 'When we talk about probiotics, we think of those mass-produced yoghurts but these (naturally ferment vinegar drinks) are the real thing. People should know about them. I try to drink vinegar or eat a ‘ferment’ every day for my health.'

Katy Mason, Nutritionist at The Nutri Centre said, 'The best apple cider vinegar to take is the unprocessed cloudy version, which looks like it has bits in it, these bits are called mother (living enzymes and bacteria) which are where a lot of the health benefits come from.'


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