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Rain saves crop at Somerset Cider Vinegar



The June apple drop continued right through July at Somerset Cider Vinegar but this month’s rain could go a long way towards saving the apple crop.

The unprecedented temperatures the totally unseasonable absence of rain in July resulted in applets continuing to fall from the trees.

Everyone was reported huge amounts of blossom this year but it was looking like we would be struggling for fruit this year but the rain so far this month has already had a beneficial effect.

We compost horse manure which we sieve and filled all the big cracks that opened up in the dry group in July (leaving the smaller cracks to filter water down to the roots). It’s a good way to organically feed the ground under the trees and improve drainage and soil structure on heavy clays.

Some of the older varieties of cider apple don’t seem to have enjoyed the hot weather at all but the Dabs are prolific!



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