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Somerset Cider Vinegar can stop dogs itching



Traditional cider vinegar can be used to rub onto a dog’s skin to help ease itching. All dog owners know that their dogs have periods of excessive scratching which usually coincide with the release of particular pollens or the hatching of harvest mites. Rubbing cider vinegar onto your dog’s skin will restore the slightly acid mantel to his skin and alleviate his problems.

A customer, Lee Conner, emailed me to tell me that he had written a blog about this subject:

“I always keep a bottle on standby for the dogs as I’ve often read about the benefits of adding ACV to their drinking water but another way is to rub it onto the skin and coat. Obviously if there is raw or inflamed skin it will be necessary to dilute the solution. Once again I researched the powers of ACV and discovered that skin allergies and problems can be improved by the weak acid found in ACV since the skin itself prefers a slightly acidic PH and most parasites apparently do poorly under such conditions. Now, when any of my dogs have ‘itchy periods’, which strangely enough correspond with when the pines are in pollen (pines predominate here in East Dorset and in pollen season sees the pavements and roads for miles around covered in a thick yellow scum of pollen, especially after rain), a quick rub over with ACV does the trick and quickly stops the itch.”



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