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Traditional cider apples win over dessert varieties

Somerset Cider Vinegar apples  


Cider apple varieties contain more antioxidants, tannins and minerals than the dessert and culinary apples found in supermarkets. Cider apples have developed over 100’s of years from the indigenous apples found in the British Isles. They can have very strong tastes, making them unsuitable to most pallets. If we want to make the most of the nutrients they offer, traditionally fermented cider vinegar is the answer.

Apples weren’t eaten raw until well into the nineteenth century and since then plant breeders have worked hard to develop varieties with lower tannin and pectin levels that are more palatable as dessert apples. The trade off is that they have lower levels of natural antioxidants like procyanidins and phenolics.

The Somerset Cider Vinegar Company only makes vinegar with 100% pure cider apple juice from traditional varieties grown organically on our farm.



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