Cider vinegar pot on tree stump

Raw apple cider vinegar with mother has been used as a health tonic for humans and animals for many, many years.

Dosage of Apple Cider Vinegar for arthritis treatment

The most common dosage for the treatment of arthritis is two tablespoonfuls of Somerset Cider Vinegar in half-glass of water. The dose is taken twice per day after breakfast and supper. Some people like to use warm water with honey to taste. Some customers report an immediate improvement but most people say that they have to take their cider vinegar for between one or two months before feeling any benefit.

Dosage of cider vinegar for reducing cholesterol

The two or three dessert spoonfuls twice a day with water is also the dosage for reducing cholesterol. Last year, studies at Aston University found that fit and healthy volunteers who drank this dose of cider vinegar averaged a 13% drop in total cholesterol, including a strikingly large reduction in triglycerides (a harmful type of fat).

Dosage of cider vinegar for general health tonic

The dosage is the same as for arthritis treatment when using cider vinegar as a general health tonic.

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Dosage of cider vinegar for weight loss

Studies have shown that raw cider vinegar can be of use in weight loss, principally by promoting satiety (feeling full). Daily doses of diluted apple cider vinegar can lower glucose levels by as much as 6%. This will improve your body's digestion of food and store fewer calories as fat for later.

The natural tannins in real cider vinegar (from the skins of cider apples) will also help to make you feel full.

A major factor in losing weight is obviously combating the feeling for more food. In one study a dozen people were feed snacks of bread dipped in cider vinegar, whilst the control group were given just bread. The group who were given the vinegar reported a reduced feeling of hunger.

Cider vinegar can be an aid in weight loss but will power is still your greatest ally!

The natural tannins from the skins of genuine cider apple varieties can help to make you feel full.

Dosage of natural cider vinegar for horses and ponies

Cider vinegar for horses: We recommend between 100ml for a big 16+hh horse down to 50ml for ponies per day. It should be added to feed - I like to mix a similar quantity of water. Equines soon seem to love the taste but start with a smaller amount until they are familiar with it. If you don't want to feed apple cider vinegar add to their water. Dosage is about half-a-cupful per bucket.

Traditional cider vinegar is also good for treating swellings and bruises (not open wounds). Soak a bandage in cider vinegar before binding the affected area and wrap with cling film. Cider vinegar can be used neat to treat fly bites (as long as they are not infected) and quickly reduces swelling. It can also be added to water for washing down or for showing. Will bring a shine to the coat and deters flies.

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Dosage of cider vinegar for dogs

We recommend one or two teaspoonfuls of cider vinegar are added to a large dog bowl of water three or four times a week. Alternatively, mix two (for medium sized dog) or three (for large dog) teaspoonfuls with similar amount of water and add to feed.