Sloe cider vinegar

Sloes and raw cider vinegar make an exciting culinary fruit vinegar.

Make Sloe Apple Cider Vinegar

Sloe Apple Cider Vinegar is a great way to use up any sloes that you have left in your freezer for making sloe gin or vodka. This years hot, hot, dry summer followed by a deluge of autumnal rain, produced a bumper crop of sloes on Blackthorn bushes around the country and particularly in Somerset.

Sloe Cider Vinegar gourmet's delight

Sloe Cider Vinegar is a gourmet's delight and has many used in the kitchen. You can either add sugar or leave it with its unique tart kick and use sparingly in marinades, slow cooked pot roasts and dressings.

You can make your Sloe Cider Vinegar in any glass container with an effective seal. If you are using bottles make sure the neck is wide enough to put the sloes in! You can also use damsons or a mixture of both fruits.

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Sloe vinegar in two months

Shake the bottle every day for a week and once every week for about two months. Strain the resultant liquid and taste. If you think you can use the tart delight then go ahead. Keep refrigerated and use in about a month. If you want something sweeter add sugar syrup to taste and simmer gently for quarter of an hour. Add to glass bottle warm from the oven. Your vinegar will now be pasteurised, so it won't have the usual health benefits of apple cider vinegar but will provide you with an original taste for your culinary palette!