Somerset Cider Vinegar reduces hair loss

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Rinsing your hair and massaging your scalp with Somerset Cider Vinegar will restore the natural pH to the skin, clear clogged follicles and reduce hair loss and stimulate growth.

Reduce hair loss and promote growth

A naturally fermented cider vinegar will also stimulate blood circulation on your scalp taking essential nutrients to the follicles to strengthen roots, which promotes growth and reduces hair loss.

Leigh Cadogan, a customer in his 60's from Gloucestershire, reports, "I started to rinse my hair with Somerset Cider Vinegar because I wanted to use less shampoo but I soon found that now noticeably less hair falls out when I brush it. I also have to have hair cuts more often!".

"Noticeably less hair falls out every time I brush it!"

The Cider Vinegar rinse

Real Cider Vinegar restores the natural pH of your scalp without removing any of your hair's natural oils. It will also clear clogged hair follicles that can create crusty flakes on the scalp because of bacterial infection.

After washing your hair rinse with a 2 to 1 mixture of water and cider vinegar. Massage well into the scalp and leave for at least two hours before rinsing away.

You will get faster results if you can just leave the vinegar on your scalp without rinsing. As soon as it is dry the 'apple' smell will disappear. Try to leave for a couple of days before washing.

Somerset Cider Vinegar is produced by a natural three-year fermentation and is not an industrial product.