Apple Cider Vinegar for an alkaline body pH

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A slightly alkaline body pH is essential for good health. Although Apple Cider Vinegar contains acetic acid, once it has been digested it turns alkaline and therefore reduces acid within the body.

Alkaline body pH essential for good health

Several customers have been asking about the affect of real Cider Vinegar on body pH and so I have been doing some research!

Human stomachs obviously need to contain acids for digestion but the rest of our body functions at its best when it is slightly alkaline.

Normal life produces acids in our bodies and some are used as fuel but if the imbalance grows too high and our bodies become to acidic we become sick. This is called acidosis.

PH stands for "potential hydrogen" and the pH scale ranges from 1 to 14. Anything below 7 is considered an acid, and anything above 7 is alkaline. An acid is a substance that releases hydrogen ions, and an alkaline substance removes hydrogen ions.

Diet the key to health body pH

A good diet is the best way to achieve a slightly alkaline body pH. Generally speaking, fruits and vegetables have an alkalising effect on our bodies and red meat, dairy produce, processed food of any kind and booze all have acidifying effect.

Only buy Apple Cider Vinegar made from pure CIDER apple juice that has been traditionally fermented for over three years. Cider Apples have much higher levels of antioxidants than dessert fruit. Supermarket cider vinegars are made industrially in a couple of days using discarded fruit and imported concentrate. They do not ferment long enough to create a vinegar 'mother'.

Cider Vinegar is alkaline once digested

Obviously, we have to eat some acidifying foods but as a rule of thumb 75% of what we eat needs to have an alkalising effect on our bodies.

Trying to ensure that 75% of our diet consists of vegetables and fruits is a pretty healthy plan anyway but two daily doses of traditionally slow fermented, pure juice apple cider vinegar will help. Always drink cider vinegar with plenty of water which will also aid hydration.

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Cider Vinegar helpful for weight loss

Our bodies have ways dealing with acidosis. One is to store the acid in fat cells. This can lead to the body tending to increase its fat stores. If you are trying to lose weight an alkaline body pH will be helpful. This may partially explain why real cider vinegar is useful in weight loss diets.

Another way our body's cope with too much acid is to create a buffer using calcium. The problem being that the body will actually sometimes pull calcium from its bones, thereby making them weaker.

Urine test for body pH

If you want to investigate your body's pH you can get a reasonable idea by testing your urine at home with litmus paper strips. These are readily available on ebay for a couple of pounds.

Testing your urine can show you how well your body is excreting acids and assimilating minerals. The pH of your urine will fluctuate depending on what you have been eating but you can gain a fair idea over time.