Musician cures osteoarthritis with Somerset Cider Vinegar

Cider vinegar glass

Kev Allcock is a semi-professional musician who had to give up playing guitar seven years ago because his osteoarthritis had such a debilitating effect on the movement in his fingers. After putting himself on the Somerset Cider Vinegar cure he reports that he is now playing better than he ever before!

Somerset Apple Cider Vinegar

There are plenty of medics who are dismissive about the beneficial effects of real cider vinegar on arthritis pain but we hear plenty of stories like this one. Surely, if people are in pain and conventional drugs have failed real cider vinegar has to be worth a try? Read what Kev Allcock has to say …

"It is not over-stating matters to say that this natural product has transformed my way of life immeasurably," writes Kev Allcock from Blackburn.

"I have suffered from osteoarthritis since the age of 10 and have undergone all manners of procedure, surgery, heat treatment, anti-inflammation drugs, wax baths, physiotherapy etc…

"It is not over-stating matters to say that this natural product has transformed my way of life immeasurably."

"After years of finding no comfort or respite from the so-called 'prescribed' methods of treatment, I took the advice of a friend who suggested taking Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).

Apple Cider Vinegar for Arthritis

"I researched on the internet, and bought some locally. I immediately noticed a difference, but only really found total relief from my pains after discovering ACV containing the 'mother'.

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"A day does not go by when I do not take a tablespoon of ACV (the easiest/friendliest method I have found is to take with local honey in warm water).

"I have distorted joints from OA, but the pain has gone. I have been drinking Somerset Cider Vinegar for three years, and only wish I had discovered this wonderful cure 30 years ago."

Somerset Cider Vinegar is different from supermarket apple cider vinegars in that it is made from 100% pure CIDER APPLE JUICE that has been traditionally fermented for at least THREE YEARS. Genuine cider apples have much higher levels of antioxidants and tannins than eating apples.

Most supermarket apple cider vinegars - even if they are marked organic - are made industrially in a SINGLE DAY using discarded eating apples and imported concentrate. They are fermented by forcing compressed air and synthetic nutrients into acetic acid bacteria. This process does not allow for the creation of the vinegar 'mother' that is so important in treating arthritis.