Somerset Cider Vinegar ends the pain of sore throats

Cider vinegar glass

The first symptom of the current Ozzie flu epidemic that is raging through the UK begins with a week-long and painful sore throat. Gargling with a 50/50 mixture of slow fermented Somerset Cider Vinegar and water is the way to fight back!

Fight back against the Ozzie flu

The natural anti-bacterial properties of traditional cider vinegar fight the bacteria in the throat which causes the discomfort. The infection in the throat cannot survive the acidic environment and relief is very quick. Gargling two or three times in one day can bring very speedy relief from the sore throat.

Speedy relief from the misery of a sore throat

If you are already drinking cider vinegar twice a day anyway just take the extra few seconds to gargle before swallowing. There is also a natural expectorant quality to real cider vinegar that will help loosen mucus present in the throat.

Worst flu year since 2010-11

Unfortunately the Australian influenza which is spreading throughout the country is not the only flu bug about this year there are three other strains as well making it the worst year for flu since 2010-11. If it hits your treat the sore throat, take plenty of fluids and head for bed!