Somerset Cider Vinegar is packed in the highest spec containers

HDPE Cider Vinegar containers

Somerset Cider Vinegar can reassure all customers that our products have never, and never will be, packed in plastics manufactured using a chemical called Bisphenol A (BPA).

Our containers are made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This is the highest spec plastic used for food packaging (and the most expensive). There is no possibility of chemical leeching from HDPE and it is safe to store your cider vinegar in our containers.

EU Committee restricts the use of BPA

Last week, the Member State Committee (MSC) of the EU supported a French proposal to recognise and restrict the use of BPA because it posed a threat to human health. BPA – which is found in CDs, DVDs, kettles and water bottles - has endocrine disrupting properties that can have serious effects on humans including cancer, learning difficulties and diabetes.

"BPA is used to make plastic containers from polycarbonates which are much, much cheaper to manufacture than HDPE containers."

An historic European decision

The European decision has been described as 'historic' by Green Law pressure group Client Earth which has conducted a 20-yeart battle to have BPA banned.

"Now BPA is finally recognised as an endocrine disruptor, the EU and national governments must act fast to limit the irreversible damage this chemical does to people and the environment," said Alice Bernard one of Client Earth's lawyers.

Nearly 4 million tonnes of BPA, which is one of the world's best-selling chemicals, was produced in 2006 – of which about 33% was sold to European manufacturers.

According to one study conducted by the German Federal Environment Agency more than 90% of the world population has BPA in their urine. The Agency found traces in the urine of 591 out of 599 children tested.