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Apple Cider Vinegar can control blood sugar level

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Studies at Aston University in Birmingham have concluded that natural cider vinegar can have a big effect on controlling blood sugar levels.

The study was undertaken last summer and the results aired on the BBC 2 television programme ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’.

A healthy team of volunteers ate two bagels following overnight fasting and their blood sugar levels were measured before and after the meal. As you would expect, there was a massive and rapid increase in blood sugar after the bagels.

The following day the same group drank diluted dose of apple cider vinegar before they ate their bagels and the resultant sugar levels in of the volunteer’s blood dropped by an average of 36% over an hour and a half.

The effect of cider vinegar in reducing sugar levels is normally explained by the presence of acetic acid which is thought to suppress the breakdown of starches and so the same experiment was conducted with supermarket malt vinegar but it had no effect. So there has to be something special about those cider apples!



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