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Cider Vinegar - the missing curry ingredient

Curry with cider vinegar  


Vinegary tartness is as important an ingredient to Indian cooking as chilli or spice. At Indian markets children clamour for sweets that are tart as well as sweet and make the mouth pucker. Nearly all genuine Indian cooking calls for the addition of fruit vinegar and English curries will not taste quite right until you add a generous slosh of Somerset Cider Vinegar.

In India vinegars are made from many fruits but full juice cider vinegar is greatly prized by cooks.

For decades cooks have debated the importance of particular masalas or spices to different regions of India without realising the equal importance of the souring agents and vinegars that accompany them.

Distinctive blends of spices are obviously important to particular dishes but ‘real’ fruit vinegars deliver the acid kick that brings a dish to life.

It has become normal to squeeze lemons or limes onto Balti dishes and the citrus juice goes a long way to clarifying the different flavours but the effect disappears a lot quicker than if vinegar has been included in the recipe.


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