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Somerset Cider Vinegar blog

Sarah and Breeze  

13/04/17 - Apple Cider Vinegar for horses

Traditionally fermented cider vinegar made from pure cider apple juice has been fed to horses for many centuries READ MORE.

Cider Vinegar on Barrel

26/03/17 - Cider Vinegar for Cholesterol

Somerset Cider Vinegar customers report massive drops in their Triglyceride levels. Triglycerides are a particularly harmful type of blood fat that doctors are keen to control. READ MORE.

Cider vinegar labels in orchard

23/02/17 - Apple Cider Vinegar can control blood sugar level

A University study has proved that traditional cider vinegar - and not industrial 'supermarket' vinegars - can control blood sugar levels. READ MORE.

cider apples at West Croft  

16/01/17 - Apple Cider Vinegar reduces cholesterol - FACT

Aston University in Birmingham conducted a study which was aired on BBC 2's ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’ television programme which proves that Apple Cider Vinegar significantly reduces cholesterol. READ MORE.

Barbecue and cider vinegar

24/06/16 - Traditional Barbecue Sauces need traditional cider vinegar

Traditional American Barbecue Sauce recipes are based abound real cider vinegars. READ MORE.

curry and cider vinegar

11/06/16 - Eating Curry can guard against dementia

Cultures that eat curry regularly suffer much lower levels of dementia in old age than those that do not. READ MORE.


Sugar in cider

03/04/16 - Hidden sugar in fizzy cider

Dangerously high levels of added sugar have been found in fizzy, processed ciders. One pint can put the drinker over the daily, safe, recommended limit for added sugar. READ MORE.

Vegetable salad  

13/03/16 - Coleslaw with Apple Cider Vinegar

Eating raw vegetables with cider vinegar can provide a tasty boost to health. READ MORE.

Vodka Fizz  

04/07/15 - Somerset Cider Vinegar and Vodka Fizz

Stay cool this summer with a cider vinegar and vodka fizz – Shrubs or vinegar drinks were fashionable (and a safe way to prepare drinks with fruit or water) as early as the 17th century. READ MORE.


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