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Somerset Cider Vinegar (older) blogs

Somerset Cider Vinegar Miranda Kerr  

14/08/14 - Miranda Kerr is latest celebrity to use apple cider vinegar

Australian model Miranda Kerr is the latest ‘A’ list celebrity to acknowledge that she uses cider vinegar as part of her healthy living regimen. READ MORE.

Somerset Cider Vinegar horse fly

06/07/14 - Make a Apple Cider Vinegar fly trap

The hot dry spell has spawned a plethora of biting insects. Make a simple, pesticide free fly trap with Apple Cider Vinegar. READ MORE.

Cider apples  

13/06/14 - Real cider vinegar helps weight loss

The antioxidants present in cider vinegar made from genuine cider apples can be an aid to anyone looking to lose weight.

Daily doses of diluted apple cider vinegar can lower glucose levels by as much as 6%. This will improve your body’s digestion of food and store fewer calories as fat for later. READ MORE.

Somerset Cider Vinegar blossom

09/06/14 - Traditional cider apples win over dessert and culinary varieties

Cider apple varieties contain more antioxidants, tannins and minerals than the dessert and culinary apples found in supermarkets. READ MORE.



14/05/14 - Apple Cider Vinegar foot soak

Apple Cider Vinegar is an old cure for all sorts of foot problems. Soaking your feet in a dilution of ACV can be helpful in dealing with athlete’s foot, foot odour, cracked and dry skin and all sorts of fungus problems. READ MORE.


06/05/14 - Somerset Cider Vinegar can stop dogs itching

Traditional cider vinegar can be used to rub onto a dog’s skin to help ease itching. All dog owners know that their dogs have periods of excessive scratching which usually coincide with the release of particular pollens ... READ MORE.




03/05/14 - The Cider Vinegar cure for acne

Traditional cider vinegar can restore the natural acidity to human skin and cure problems with spots and acne. Human skin is naturally acidic and cleansers, soaps and toners can disrupt that acidity. READ MORE.



16/04/14 - Cider Vinegar cures sore throats

Gargling with natural cider vinegar goes a long way to curing the misery of sore throats. Last week, I was hit by a debilitating bout of summer flu; you know the symptoms, rapid body temperature changes, running nose and painful sore throat. READ MORE.


15/04/14 - Ramsons picked in cider vinegar

Cider Vinegar draws out the taste in Ramsons (Wild Garlic) and we are now in the middle of the picking season. The plants grow plentifully in dampish, shady ground – often near Bluebells. READ MORE.


25/03/14 - Traditional Somerset cider orchards survive the floods

There have been some scare stories in the media that the Somerset floods will seriously impair this year’s cider production: but they are no more than that - scare stories. READ MORE.


17/04/14 - Another happy Somerset Cider Vinegar customer …

Meet Oscar the Shire horse. Magnificent isn’t he! He has been suffering with stiffness in his back legs but since putting him on Somerset Cider Vinegar his owner, Patricia Clowser reports that he is now ‘cantering up his field with ease’. READ MORE.

Glastonbury Tor    

22/01/13 - Natural hay fever cure with apple cider vinegar

A customer wrote to Somerset Cider Vinegar recently extolling the virtues of cider vinegar in combating the effects of hay fever with traditional cider vinegar. READ MORE.

07/01/14 - Is 35% apple concentrate enough for a product to be called ‘cider’?

Currently, any product that can prove it contains 35% apple juice can describe itself as cider. There has to be no specification as to what varieties of apples were used, whether they are in the form of concentrate or where they came from. READ MORE.

30/12/13 - An apple a day can still keep the doctor away says the British Medical Journal

If every over-50 obeyed the Victorian dictum of eating an apple every day 8,500 deaths from strokes and heart attacks would be avoided according to research from Oxford University published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) published this month. READ MORE.


24/10/2013 - Paramore trust in Apple Cider Vinegar

American superstar rock singer Hayley Williams is the latest celebrity to extolle the health benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar on a daily basis. READ MORE.

26/09/13 - Scrap the duty escalator from cider

Why has George Osborne only removed the 'Duty Escalator' from beer brewers and not cider makers? The escalator charges cider makers 2% above the rate of inflation, every year on every pint. So why does the Chancellor only want to support the beer industry and not cider making? READ MORE.

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